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Asphalt Removal 101

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Asphalt removal methods


What is Good

-Better than a jackhammer as it does not fracture the under edge.

-Creates a uniform edge.

What is Bad

-Bad for the environment High risk of contaminating the drain system and washing toxic slurry into our streams.

-Edge Sealer fails to adhere This is because of the slurry residue.

-Patches tend to sink around the edge This is a result of water from the slurry disrupting the stone layer beneath.

-Overcuts on edges

Overcuts on edges create fail points on asphalt patches.



What is Good

-Extremely fast removal = low impact on tenants.

-Controlled Cut. With depth control capabilities, there is zero chance of a depth change order. Plus, grinding creates the superior uniform edge.

-100% environmentally sound. 100% of the grindings are recycled. Grinding also does not require water, therefore, no water = no toxic slurry!

-100% Integrity of the repair. Dry, clean, and scarified edge for a perfect asphalt to asphalt bond. Edge sealer will bond perfectly to maintain watertight seal.

What is Bad

-Absolutely Nothing!

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