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55 snow plows, 55 de-icing trucks, the expertise of 150 trained operators. Serving all of the PNW including Portland and Seattle

We have taken the worry and anxiety out of winter services.  We are ready to handle any winter storm system. You don’t need to lose sleep and watch the weather. We have you covered! You don’t need to wonder whether your parking lots have ice or snow on them, we will check them for you.  We have rigorously planned and prepared for the worst possible scenario so you, our customer, can sleep soundly confident that we are taking care of your properties.


What do you do when there is a forecast for a snow storm or ice storm? Do you hope and pray that your contractor is really as prepared as he says he is. Do you have to wait up all night watching to see how much it snows so you can call your contractor in to plow your lots?


Call us to discuss your Winter Service needs. We have a fleet of snow plows, de-icing trucks, the expertise, and the systems in place to plow, de-ice and make your properties navigable and safe. We don't sleep so that you can!


  • 55 Snow Plow Trucks

  • 55 De-icer Trucks

  • 55 Snow Blowers

  • 4 Sand Spreader Trucks

  • Over 100 tons of De-Icer in stock

  • 150 Trained Winter Service Technicians

  • 24-Hour Dispatch Center

  • Proprietary dispatch computer system

  • We use only environmentally safe de-icer

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